We require a deposit in order to book a tattoo appointment. Deposits are $150 and are non-refundable. Deposits go towards the price of the tattoo and are taken off of the final appointment (if your tattoo requires more than one sitting) We have a strict 72 hour cancellation policy. We can reschedule your appointment one time. More than one reschedule and your deposit is forfeited. No call No show = Forfeit of deposit. All deposits are void after 3 months.


We are a cash only studio. Gold, silver and bitcoin are acceptable, please check first.


We have a strict 72 hour cancellation policy. We value all of our clients’ time as well as our own. Missing an appointment impacts not only the tattooer but other clients who could have taken that time slot. Being more than 15 minutes late (without prior arrangements/communication) is considered a no show and your appointment in forfeited.


We realize that sometimes rescheduling happens. Make sure you give us 72 hours notice and we will happily reschedule you. We will reschedule your appointment once, after that….it's back to square one!


NOPE! We are appointment only. Send us an email to schedule.


How much is a tattoo?  Well how much is a bag of groceries? There are a lot of factors when pricing a tattoo. Placement, design, size, execution, etc. We never give out price estimates via email. We are happy to work with any budget you may have and can talk about it at your consultation.


We are generally booking 1-6 weeks out. Check our Instagram, @talisfortunatattoo, for last minute cancellations.


We only tattoo 18+, so don't ask.


We suggest avoiding disappointment and boredom by leaving your friends and family at home. If you insist on bringing a homie, ONE is the limit but please check with your tattooer first. We have a small intimate space. NO entourages or family reunions. Please leave your animal friends at home too, we have a resident pup and he likes humans only.


NOPE! Tattoo shops are no place for children. IF you have extenuating circumstances that require you to bring your child, talk to your tattooer first. 


Think ahead! Tattoos are messy and hurt. Don’t wear Versace or your best Sunday digs. Wear something that allows easy access to the area that is going to be tattooed  and that you are going to be comfortable in. Bring a hoodie, a beanie, warm socks or a fur coat so that if you are cold you can be cozy!


This is the make it or break it moment. Healing your tattoo properly is imperative! Everyone and their mom has an opinion on how you should take care of your tattoo. Guess who you SHOULD listen to? YOUR TATTOOER, they know best. Even if it contradicts what your friend/ uncle/ cousin/ mom has told you. You'll receive instructions at the time of your tattoo from your tattooer.